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Warm water floor with PEX tubing of your home – is the freedom of Architecture and Design

In the first phase installation of floor heating water, is the division of space into areas (fields). The number of segments depends on the area of ​​space and geometry. Maximum land area of ​​40 m2 with respect to the parties … Continue reading

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DIY PEX tubing tips

http://www.citybuild.org/pexplumbing/pex-tubing.html There is no need to look any where else as we are the known PEX plumbing suppliers online. Ours is the best store to buy your radiant heating and PEX tubing and fittings. There is not much to the … Continue reading

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PEX tubing “SUPER PEX”

At the same time, the PEX pipe 100 is the most technologically advanced materials that provide lighter weight, thinner wall thickness and the largest area of the inner section (see Figure). As a consequence, PEX tubing can withstand a higher … Continue reading

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