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Warm water floor with PEX tubing of your home – is the freedom of Architecture and Design

In the first phase installation of floor heating water, is the division of space into areas (fields). The number of segments depends on the area of ​​space and geometry. Maximum land area of ​​40 m2 with respect to the parties … Continue reading

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Plumbing PEX

Here is the collection of ceramics from the Italian manufacturer PIPE PEX. The collection is relatively new and has gone on sale to the USA market in 2008. http://www.plasticsknowledge.com/plastic-moldingtips-of-use 90% Daily 2010-08-17 21:00 http://www.plasticsknowledge.com/applications-pvc 90% Daily 2010-08-17 20:53 http://www.plasticsknowledge.com/production-of-pvc 90% … Continue reading

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Best PEX pipe for you

Toilet as hanging, outdoor addl and CD can be with seat and lid with a smooth release, which prevents the wall and the seat from damage. Usability, functionality, efficiency and quality of course, is something that offers PEX MARILYN. http://www.plasticsknowledge.com/drain-polypropylene-pipeContinue reading

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Production of plastic pipes: PEX pipe & PVC pipes

The direction of the company “PEX Canada” – is not only the production of plastic pipes, the company also carries out the pipe fittings own production, shut-off, regulating equipment, and welding equipment. All products (PVC pipe and PEX pipe) corresponds … Continue reading

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nsulating mats of PEX

Insulating mats of PEX foam, laminated with aluminum foil, used in the device “warm” floor. The foil is protected by an additional layer of PEX, which protects it from the aggressive impact of the concrete screed. They can be stacked … Continue reading

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