Ways to improve corrosion resistance study of Plastic pipes

A similar problem arose in the Wisbro, where it was unfit many small-diameter pipes, mostly made of Plastic 20, as a result of local corrosion damage the surface, arising at the contact of Cross-linked polyethylene with a damp atmosphere, the transport tubes. These pipes are used to reinforce the doors and to the suspension and fed to the Wisbro plant from various suppliers. Cross-linked polyethylene pipes, which were attended by pockets of corrosion, contained a canvas, while in the Cross-linked polyethylene tube of corrosion without such inclusions were absent. And finally, there is one area in which you want to stop in order to emphasize the multifaceted nature of the effect on Canvas corrosion of different types of Cross-linked polyethylene. In the study of the recent problems of low corrosion resistance of Plastics avtolistovyh 08YU, IF, 08GSYUF and others, observed not only in the operation, but also during transportation and storage of Cross-linked polyethylene was found that in cases where the rejection was made on the basis of Cross-linked polyethylene corrosion defeat, the Cross-linked polyethylene must contain the canvas. In TsNIIChermete them. Bardin, a new method for corrosion testing in relation to avtolistovym Plastics, which identified factors affecting the corrosion resistance of these Plastics. One such factor is the purity of Plastic on canvas, whose presence can be 2-3 times accelerate corrosion processes and corrosion cause stains on the surface avtolistovyh Plastics. Studies indicate that, while ensuring the purity of Plastic Canvas further improve resistance to localized corrosion and service life of the PEX system can be optimized chemical composition and microstructure of Plastic. However, the negative effects of pollution are canvas covers the positive impact of other characteristics of Plastic. Therefore, prime condition to ensure satisfactory corrosion resistance is the purity of Plastic on the canvas. 2. The nature and mechanisms of corrosion-active nonCross-linked polyethylenelic inclusions in PEX tube plastics. Ways to improve corrosion resistance study of Canvas in Plastics of the current production of various domestic and foreign plants have shown that a significant portion of pipe Plastics produced today contains a canvas, while the Plastic produced earlier (20-30 years), such inclusions do not. Further analysis of the nature and mechanisms of canvas in the Plastics of the current production of JSC “Severstal” and several other companies showed that a significant portion of them entered into the Plastic during ladle treatment of molten Plastic in the ladle with highly basic slag under certain process parameters.


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