absence PEX systems will not be subjected to accelerated localized corrosion

Plastic can be very clean in the traditional non-metallic inclusions (oxides, silicates) but corrode very rapidly due to the presence of the canvas. In contrast, in conventional Plastic can be present include up to 4 points (silicates), but in the absence PEX systems will not be subjected to accelerated localized corrosion. That canvas is determined resistance against the local Plastic corrosion in chlorinated water environments. In addition to the results of examination of samples of pipes with different-life critical role in accelerating the processes of local corrosion of contamination have been shown to canvas the results of studies of the samples, the indicators tested in the pipe during the heating season, as well as the results of tests of samples of varying purity on an outline for a special method of “VTI” in a bench setup simulates heating mode. It should be noted the negative impact of the canvas and the durability of carbon and alloy Plastics against atmospheric corrosion.


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