Warm water floor with PEX tubing of your home – is the freedom of Architecture and Design

In the first phase installation of floor heating water, is the division of space into areas (fields). The number of segments depends on the area of ​​space and geometry. Maximum land area of ​​40 m2 with respect to the parties not less than 1: 2. Bound by the creation of such sites is caused by thermal expansion ties, which are undoubtedly needed to compensate, and the counter if it will crack.

In the second stage assembly of warm water floor, the advance refined base insulating layer is placed. Its main purpose – discouraging heat losses down. Heat needs to go up in a heated room. Can be made of any materials allowed in the building industry as insulating layer for use in construction of gender. The most common insulation material in modern construction is polystyrene (foam) and Penopleks. Laying insulation layer made weighing not less than 35kg / m ³, and the thickness of the layer should be 30 – 150mm depending on the heat of sex and thermal treatment facilities. Along the perimeter of the room fits the damper (rantovaya) tape, which serves to compensate for thermal expansion of the concrete screed. During those stretches plastic film over the entire area of ​​all sections of PEX heating.

In the third stage mounting system floor heating water, placed mesh reinforcement (usually 150h150mm, Rod 4-5mm) under the counter tube. When you double-reinforcement can be further stacked layer arm. grid on top of the floor heating pipes. During the installation of pipes to be made depending on the design solution chosen step installation (75-300mm) and the scheme of the pipe-laying units. PEX Pipe fitted with plastic clips, field expansion joints on the heat pipe wear protective corrugated – pipe insulation and external mechanical damage. There are several schemes of laying pipes to form a working (heating) loop in the system water-heated floors. This snake, snake double (or meander), the spiral and the spiral off-center. In the production assembly loops in the form of a snake hot water comes from the outer wall, close to where heat loss is higher than in the center of the room. In this circuit the uneven distribution of heat. To fix this, you need to mount a loop in the double-snake or spiral. Region near the outer walls of the building is called the boundary zones. It is recommended to decrease step is laying the pipe in order to compensate for heat loss. Step placement is a calculated value, but in any case shall not exceed 300mm – otherwise there uneven heating of the floor surface with the appearance of warm and cold streaks. To “temperature zebra not perceived foot man, the maximum temperature drop along the length of the foot should not exceed 4 ° C. This is all the indicators are calculated in the draft floor-to-water heating, ie PEX tubing system water.


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