Honeywell most popular termostats

Electronic room Honeywell thermostat wireless REV200RF
with a large LCD display (LCD)
Wireless Thermostats Siemens

Electronic thermostats from Honeywell Vision PRO

REV200RF Price with VAT:
259.51 EUR

REV200RF room thermostat with a touch screen with backlight, with integrated wirelessperedatchikom and receiver (switching module with relay output)

* Wireless room temperature controller.
* Readable large touch screen.
* Samopodstraivayuschiysya two-position controller with PID-control (patented).
* Choice of 3 different 24-hour operating modes and one 7-day regimen that includes individually mounted 24-hour mode.
* Office of cooling equipment.
* Advantage for valves installed in remote locations, have homes and renovated buildings (completely wireless room unit).


* Control room temperature: In a small private homes.
* In homes and offices.
* In the commercially used buildings.

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