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Toilet as hanging, outdoor addl and CD can be with seat and lid with a smooth release, which prevents the wall and the seat from damage. Usability, functionality, efficiency and quality of course, is something that offers PEX MARILYN. 90% Daily 2010-08-17 20:48 90% Daily 2010-08-17 20:46

NIDO – Italian plumber PEX. Collection of sanitary ceramics PEX NIDO. Toilets (hanging and floor), bidets, sinks (Mortice sink, overhead on the countertop, hanging shells). Collection NIDO particularly versatile due to its small size and high performance shapes. Washbasins NIDO can be of different sizes (68cm, 62cm, 56cm.), They can hung on a wall or completed porcelain half and mounted on the tabletop. Washbasin 70cm without a hole under a faucet mounted on the support used with faucets mounted on wall or tabletop. 90% Daily 2010-08-17 19:46 90% Daily 2010-08-17 19:45

Toilets and bidets NIDO can be both, hanging, and floor, as well as a compact one-piece toilet. The collection presents NIDO suspended bidet and toilet are attached to the system installation, have a concealed mounting system, toilet bowls as hanging and floor may be from the seat and lid with a descent braking mechanism. 90% Daily 2010-08-17 20:30 90% Daily 2010-08-17 19:56

One-piece toilet is installed close to the wall, release into the wall or floor using a special technical tribe, which is supplied. Cistern with dual flush 3 / 6 liters, with the possibility of the water supply side of the bottom or rear. PIPE – sanitary ware PEX. The collection of ceramics PEX PIPE. Toilets suspended and floor, bidet PIPE.


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