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Small size of the product will in a bathroom with a minimum area, to arrange set of devices, and will still have enough free space. Design of plumbing you & me worthy of attention – it’s sleek lines, white surface, soft round shape. Technical performance meets the highest requirements. For example, the toilets are equipped with tank with double sink and have a vertical line issue. All products from ceramics manufactured in Italy and completed a full set of fasteners. Collection YOU & ME prefers finding new content, in this line of products is not rhetorical forms that are quickly going out of fashion, replacing the geometrical synthesis of the volume of new, more harmonious in general. Semicircular shape model YOU & ME based and intersects with prismatic volumes are in excellent compositional equilibrium. Small size and mounting options in the corner will put everything you need for personal hygiene on a relatively small area. Modest in size bathroom, with the model of YOU & ME from PEX can contain all the necessary sanitary equipment and leave room for a comfortable and convenient to use. The shell size of 46cm. can be installed on the countertop or mounted in a corner, double washbasin 92cm.


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