Radiant Heat Insulation Secrets

If we talk about radiant heating systems, we can say that, insulating materials are used primarily to pipe in the water heater do not become additional “radiator”, and walked to the radiator coolant with no losses. The most common types of thermal insulation for pipes with hot water are made of PEX foam and rubber. This is fundamentally different materials, which are used at different temperatures.

In form they are the tubes which, when mounted longitudinally cut and put on the tube. The incision is glued special heat-resistant composition and secured with tape. If the line is laid, the insulation tube is placed directly on the PEX pipe.

Average cost of cans of glue for rubber heat insulation is, depending on weight, 8,9 – 35,9 in. ie per unit. Adhesive tapes are from 4.8 to 17 cu for packing. The cost of similar products for PEX foam, respectively, 4,8 – 23,5 USD and 3.9 cu

In the water heater, in the vicinity of the water heater is best to use rubber tubing. The temperature stability of rubber up to 150 ° C. Price of a universal thermal insulation of the rubber K – FLEX ST, depending on the diameter, varies from 0.29 up to $ 30 per meter.

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