PEX foam

It is believed that foamed PEX to withstand up to 100 ° C. However, experience shows that when heated above 90 ° C, this material can provide a significant thermal shrinkage and loses its insulating properties. Given this, it is better to use PEX foam insulation on such sites heating mains, which are outside the water heater room and where the coolant temperature does not exceed 85 ° C.

Heat insulation of PEX foam can be used in systems for hot and cold water. Pipes, in cold water to protect insulation PEX foam to avoid formation of condensation on them. One of the most famous in the market – insulation foam PEX Energoflex SUPER. The cost of insulating pipes, depending on the diameter, an average of 0,26 to 8,12 USD per meter.

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