PVC Pipes and fittings

PVC Pipes and fittings are made of system ASTO astolana (reinforced polypropylene minerals), thus ensuring complete soundproofing of the water intake site to the main pipeline. For soundproofing system ASTO satisfies the maximum requirements for insulation of high-level III (E) DIN 4109-10.

Although conceptually ASTO system was designed as a sound insulating PVC pipes to divert sewage from buildings, it can also be used as the main pipeline to the nearest septic tank. After the introduction of new standards for drainage of sewage DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986-100, allowing the size DN 90 in the vertical pipe, it was possible to use PVC tubes of two sizes – DN 56 and DN 90 – create a complete, reliable system for sewage elements of the sewerage system (connection) to the nearest treatment station or, respectively, the sedimentation tank.

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