PEX tubing “SUPER PEX”

At the same time, the PEX pipe 100 is the most technologically advanced materials that provide lighter weight, thinner wall thickness and the largest area of the inner section (see Figure).

As a consequence, PEX tubing can withstand a higher load capacity of PEX tubing by 19,6% higher than that of PEX tubing 80 of the same nominal diameter and pressure loss is 35% less.

In operation in the application of plastic pipes d = 500 mm, the maximum economic rate of water movement increases:

  • Compared with steel pipes – in 1,7 times
  • Compared with cast iron – in 1,4 times

PEX tubing is widely used in the renovation of old pipelines, as in the trench, and when trenchless laying. Trenchless laying of the least hinder movement, takes less time than traditional pipelines, and in most cases, the use of PEX pipes is the only possible way to renovation. This is especially important in large cities: with narrow streets in the historic center and the bustling traffic on the rest of the territory

Currently, the corporation “SUPER PEX” is Europe’s largest producers of PEX 100. The rich experience of exploitation of these products around the world allows a corporation “SUPER PEX” hold leading positions in the world scientific developments and indicators of quality of its products, The product number is PE 100 holds a significant share. Pipes made of PE 100 are operated on the territory of Canada: from the Far North to the deserts of Kazakhstan. Rated service life of pipes made of PEX tubing is not less than 50 years, and during this period the tubes retain their original chemical and performance properties.

In particular, the PEX pipe production “SUPER PEX” used to cleanse the on Long Island waterworks, are widely used in various parts of (already laid a few tens of kilometers of PEX pipes of various diameters from 110 mm to 630 mm) and at plants “Kronospan in the Canada region and “Nestle” in Vancouver, Ottava, built sewers with diameter 630 mm.

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