PEX pipe Design

The duration of operation of internal sewerage proves their suitability and reliability. Connecting the “PEX

Canada” has the following properties:

* Sealing system ensures that the connection will be tight during the entire period of operation,

withstand vacuum and pressure of the water column height of 5 m;
* Rubber seal of the RRF (styrene – butadiene) under pressure from expanding, thus improving the density

of connections. Also seal is resistant to aggressive materials located in the wastewater;
* When hit in the clutch dirt, rubber ring is easily removed, and after cleaning just as easily inserted

* Using easily removable seal is easy to perform test installation of pipes (ie, temporarily assemble the

entire unit without sealing elements, correctly and accurately find all the fittings, to establish places for

clamps. Make sure the selection of parts, seals are inserted and installed the entire system);
* PEX pipe Design ensures a perfect coupling with the thermal expansion;
* Items are going quickly, easily and simply.

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We've got all of your PEX plumbing and PVC fittings, tools and information about plumbing with PEX & PVC.
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