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PEX foam

It is believed that foamed PEX to withstand up to 100 ° C. However, experience shows that when heated above 90 ° C, this material can provide a significant thermal shrinkage and loses its insulating properties. Given this, it is … Continue reading

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Radiant Heat Insulation Secrets

If we talk about radiant heating systems, we can say that, insulating materials are used primarily to pipe in the water heater do not become additional “radiator”, and walked to the radiator coolant with no losses. The most common types … Continue reading

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PEX tube from ASTO

With its excellent acoustic properties of PEX tube ASTO obligation in the first phase of its thick-walled construction, as well as its special molecular structure and high density astolana, material fittings and pipes is 1,9 g/cm3. Thus, these tubes are … Continue reading

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PEX special forms

The system has a funnel PEX special forms for the compounds of the Fix-lock ® with O-ring of special design with a three-step seal and ensures the absence of a leak in the connection. In addition to tightness, the system … Continue reading

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PVC fittings for plumbing

Like all synthetic materials astolan is durable, corrosion-resistant and resistant to aggressive environments. Thanks to a smooth surface it does not form precipitate. Less than metal pipes weight and fast, reliable contact connection make this system very convenient for laying. … Continue reading

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PVC Pipes and fittings

PVC Pipes and fittings are made of system ASTO astolana (reinforced polypropylene minerals), thus ensuring complete soundproofing of the water intake site to the main pipeline. For soundproofing system ASTO satisfies the maximum requirements for insulation of high-level III (E) … Continue reading

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PEX Pipes from Canada

There are data on the chemical resistance of pipes depending on the transported fluid, the recommended size and the choice of the distance between the elements fixing pipes. All these factors must be considered in the design phase of the … Continue reading

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