PEX pipe & PVC pipes

JSC “PEX Canada” was founded in 2005. Today the company is one of the leaders of the Canadian market for the production of plastic pipe for sewer, water and gas supply.

Plastic pipe company PEX Canada “produced one of the largest and most modern factory in Canada. European manufacturers of equipment allows you to combine high quality products and competitive prices. In 2008, the company was established Science and Technology Center, which works towards the optimization of production (PVC pipe and PE pipe). Plastic pipes manufactured by “PEX Canada”, used for water supply, gas supply and sewage systems. These designs require high levels of quality, reliability and durability.

Plastic pipes can easily compete with the heavy and expensive metal, reinforced concrete, cast-iron pipes and in their performance characteristics in many respects surpass them.

Since 2008 the company “PEX Plumbing Pipe” produces PEX tubing (PEX 1/2″, PEX 3/4″, PEX 3/8″, PEX 5/8″, PEX 1″, Oxygen BArrier and Non Oxygen Barrier). PEX Tubing for the casing is widely used in drilling. Transportation, installation of casings – is a complex process, which is costly, both monetary and time. Pipes polymer made the process more economical, while maintaining the required strength to the design specifications.

Today, PEX pipes (PEX-a pipes) are used for the renovation of existing sewers. This new direction of our company, which will at times increase the service life of sewerage (more than 50 years) and simplify the process of installation. Using a PEX pipe (PEX-b) for the renovation you will be able to carry out work without stopping the collector (ie, work flow, without draining).


2 Responses to PEX pipe & PVC pipes

  1. pexpvc says:

    I want to post more PVC or PEX articles in near future

  2. pexsale says:

    You have bets PEX tubing such as (PEX 1/2″, PEX 3/4″, PEX 3/8″, PEX 5/8″, PEX 1″). Thanks!

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